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Community-based supports for people with developmental disabilities and their loved ones


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“I am different, not less.”


– Temple Grandin

Consultative Services


Anchor Behavioral Solutions LLC (ABS) provides support, education and advocacy services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. That’s a very formal description of what we consider to be our mission. Ultimately, helping individuals and families master the challenges of living with a developmental disability and making their lives as joy-filled and rewarding as possible is the goal of ABS.

Individual Supports

Creating lasting strategies for success in managing the activities of daily living and building independence.

Community-Based Supports

Individualized plans and skill-building for navigating and interacting in the community and other group settings.

Applied Behavioral Analysis

A proven treatment approach for individuals and families to foster positive behaviors.

Why Anchor Behavioral Solutions?

For the ABS team, it's not a job - it's a calling.

The work of a clinician or direct care provider isn’t for everyone. Our team’s collective experience spans all aspects of behavioral services, from administrative duties to conducting assessments, delivering hands-on care, and training family members in proven methods to foster positive behaviors.

Our services are anchored in behavioral health and analytic principles. These principles support client’s by helping them reach their educational, employment, and lifestyle goals, regardless of their level of development. The ABS team provides all services with consistency, commitment and compassion, while keeping participants’ safety and well-being our number one priority.

The team that best fits your family's needs


Developing a plan for care is highly customized. That includes not only the behavioral techniques and objectives, but also the people who provide the care itself. Our staff brings to each case culturally diverse backgrounds, multiple languages and rigorous training, simplifying the process of tailoring care to the individual to accelerate their success in leading a fulfilling, purposeful life.